Our Partnership

We are thrilled to be the Exclusive North American Supplier for ASLAN Specialty Films. ASLAN is a German-based company with more than 50 years of experience and a commitment to superior engineering. Its Products are renowned for their performance and reliability over time.

Since 2011, our partnership with ASLAN has provided graphics artists, printers, and sign-makers with high-quality, self-adhesive films specifically designed for the unique demands of individual applications.

If you need further help, contact FDC’s Customer Service at fdcfilms@fdcfilms.com, 800-634-7523, or ‘Chat With Us’ here on the website.

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FDC Graphic Films, Inc. has warehousing and converting facilities in South Bend, Indiana and in Reno, Nevada. Since 1988, FDC has been a master distributor and converter of wide-format digital media, digital over laminating films, digital banner, sign and heat transfer films. The company converts, stocks and distributes leading brands such as Lumina®, 3M, RTape and ASLAN exclusively through Distributors.