Our Partnership

3M FDC Partnership

FDC Graphic Films, Inc. and 3M are working together to help you easily improve your inventory management by using FDC as your warehouse for the full range of colors and sizes offered by 3M. With same day shipments, no minimum order and drop shipping available without fees, it’s never been easier or faster to provide your customers with the 3M product they want, when they need it.

With the FDC and 3M Service Advantage, FDC can offer:

  • 1-2 Day Shipping Times
  • No Minimum Order Quantities
  • Inventory Management
  • Free Freight on Orders Over $1,975
  • Simple Ordering Process
  • Industry Professionals (Over 30 Years Experience)
  • FDC Live Support from 8:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M. (EST)

FDC’s Shipping Abilities in the United States

FDC Graphic Films, Inc., is dedicated to serving our customers with on time, complete and error-free orders. Having two warehouse locations throughout the United States (located in South Bend, Indiana, and Reno, Nevada) we are able to:

    • Provide customers within the United States with faster shipping times
    • Strengthen our commitment to stock every standard color and sizing options
    • Offer no minimum order quantities

Getting your customers the 3M products they want is easier and quicker than ever.


About FDC Graphic Films, Inc

FDC Graphic Films, Inc. has both a warehouse and converting facility in South Bend, Indiana and in Reno, Nevada. FDC is in its thirtieth year of operation as a master distributor and converter of wide-format digital media, digital over laminating films, digital banner, sign and heat transfer films. The company markets, converts and distributes leading brands such as Lumina®, 3M, RTape and ASLAN exclusively through distribution.

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