Our Partnership With RTape

RTape manufactures high quality graphics, printing, and sign-making Products. They are made for all kinds of applications, from point-of-purchase displays to fleet decals.

With their industry-leading technology, RTape’s Application Tapes are known for always adhering and laying flat to the release liner. They won’t pucker, wrinkle, or tunnel, even when graphics are rolled up or stacked for long-term storage.

If you need further help, contact FDC’s Customer Service at fdcfilms@fdcfilms.com, 800-634-7523, or ‘Chat With Us’ here on the website.

RTape Product Explorer

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FDC Series
RTape Product
RTape 4078 RLA® Conform®: Medium Tack, Standard Paper
RTape 4761 RLA® Conform®: High Tack, Heavy Weight Paper
RTape AT65 Clear Choice®: High Tack
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