Nov 1, 2022

In this new decade and beyond, be sure to shine bright in the interior décor market by remembering these simple yet impactful best practices to start getting noticed now.


Best Practice #1

Whether designing wall coverings in commercial or residential spaces, choose premium fabrics and canvas at affordable prices. Quality must overcome your budget threshold. Your clients will notice, and they’ll be thankful for your attention to superb value while keeping your integrity intact. Count on a wide range of design choices that inspire creativity.

Best Practice #2

Get off Pinterest and develop a tangible interior décor portfolio of your work. Have several copies available to give to potential clients, including digital versions.

Best Practice #3

Do social networking both online and offline. Engage yourself on LinkedIn for digital reach and your local Chamber of Commerce for face-to-face relationship building. Get involved in several opportunities to expand your network.

Best Practice #4

Collect small samples and keep them all in one place to play around with creative pairings: wall fabrics/canvas and paint, textile materials and floor finishes, solids and patterns, etc.

Best Practice #5

Never stop learning. Earn a certificate. Take a class or workshop. Keep your wheels turning and your passion burning. There’s always a way to strengthen your skills while keeping your momentum going strong. Attend interior design industry events too, so you can learn about new products hitting the market, take a seminar or two, and forge vendor relationships.


And remember, perfection doesn’t exist in the land of design. It’s a myth. Some of the best ideas stem from the greatest mistakes. Embrace them. Fuel your creativity with fun and curiosity.

An example of wall fabrics and canvas used for a living room.