FDC Series:
Sample Program

Sample Program

The FDC Sample Program is an easy way to color match and test the product out before buying.

If you are a distributor, contact FDC and request a sample. FDC will deliver the sample to you or drop ship the sample order directly to your customer.

Not a distributor? Contact your local FDC distributor and request a sample. If you don’t know of any distributors, you can Contact an FDC Sales Manager in your region to request help. Once connected to a local distributor, they will place an order with FDC, and we will ship your sample directly to you.

• 6″ x 6″ sheets
• 1/2 of digital roll width x 10 ft
• 1/2 of htv printable roll width x 5 ft

FDC provides samples of most standard products and reserves the right to limit quantities or products. There is no product charge* for most samples. Shipping of sample rolls will be charged at a carrier rate. Sample rolls and larger orders of literature may be shipped with stocking orders to avoid additional freight charges. 3M requires samples of 3M products to be ordered through 3M.

*Unless otherwise specified in price books.