Sep 1, 2022

Sign Vinyl

Static cling vinyl film is designed for producing graphics, signage, and decals. Commonly, restaurants often switch out featured deals on their windows with static cling. Lumina® by FDC 1203 Series: Promotional Static Cling is quick to apply with clean removal that’s perfect for temporary usage. This product features unique construction, which provides the ability to adhere to a variety of smooth surfaces without the presence of a pressure-sensitive adhesive making it easy to position and reposition.

TIP #1 – It’s best to install these types of products inside (outdoor use would not last as long when exposed to the elements). With the image facing outward, leave at least a 1/4″ to 1/2″ edge so the ink doesn’t print edge to edge. Leaving an edge helps so that the material can stick to the window.

Digital Print Media – Perforated

Perforated removable print media vinyl film is designed for printing one-way vision window graphics requiring short-term durability and clean removal. Commonly, this is called for when there needs to be a more durable message on the outside glass such as on full wraps on vehicles such as service vans or trucks, when it warrants more surface area for advertising and the ability to not see in the vehicle but can see out, usually using 50/50. Restaurants use this on their windows for privacy, also. Lumina® by FDC 7267 Series: Perforated Removable Print Media does exactly this. When using the 102 Matte White color, it features a dual liner that improves drying, solvent resistance, and printing.

TIP #2 – It’s recommended to laminate these types of products especially if being installed outdoors or on vehicles, ideally with optically clear.

Digital Print Media – Translucent

Translucent calendered print media vinyl film is designed for producing backlit graphics and signage requiring medium-term durability. Commonly, storefront businesses use this type of product for their signs, or airports when they advertise in their lightboxes and their overhead wayfinding signage. Lumina® by FDC 7270 Series: Translucent Calendered Print Media is an intermedia grade vinyl film. Using translucent film allows for a more creative edge because it’s flexible with multi-color or gradients that are lit up to show more of the imagery in dark environments while not being stuck using cut vinyl for just icons or text.

TIP #3 – Install these types of products with a wet application which makes it easier to remove air bubbles.

An example of perforated digital print media vinyl film applied on an automotive window.