May 1, 2023

The graphics industry is gearing up for another exciting summer, a time when it’s all hands on deck to prepare for striping sports cars, commercial or fleet vehicles, RVs, and watercraft. To maintain high performance, it is important to know what to look for when choosing cast vinyl film for striping.

Long-Term Durability

• Use premium quality PVC cast vinyl film.
• Prioritize conformability to accommodate curves, rivets, corrugation, and other projects involving more than just flat surfaces.
• Look for extended durability with a lasting impact of 6 to 9 years or more.

Choice of Colors

• Find a product that offers myriad colors to make color matching easier.
• Consider both solid and metallic colors with an opaque gloss.
• Work with a distributor with the strength of being able to stock every standard color for faster receipt of products.

Precision-Cut Striping

• Find a converter that can offer multi-stripes with more than one stripe on a common liner.
• Trust a converter who produces precision-cut stripes with a size range of at least .25 to 12 inches.

Rapid Ordering and Shipping

Expect the supplier to:

• Easily send cast vinyl film samples as expected;
• Offer no minimum order quantities;
• Have a quick ordering process;
• Allow the purchase of individual striping rolls as needed;
• Offer participation in a full web utilization program so buyers can stock up on cast vinyl film while receiving a discount when consuming entire jumbo rolls (i.e., 48 or 60 inches by 50 yards); and
• Offer speedy same-day shipping.

Sample of multi-color, multi-size striping with cast vinyl film on a travel camper.