Lumina® By FDC

Choices at a
Great Value

Lumina® By FDC is a product line that features heat transfer vinyl, digital media (print media), and sign vinyl solutions to inspire and provide individuals with the ability to create projects.

Lumina® – Heat Transfer Vinyl

Lumina® heat transfer vinyl is the perfect product to add a touch of YOU. Personalize your projects by designing and decorating T-shirts, bags, fabrics, and more.


Lumina® – Sign Vinyl

Lumina® sign vinyl can help you be the best you. Set yourself apart from the crowd by branding your business locations, creating wall decor, customizing window displays, and more.


Lumina® – Digital Media

Lumina® digital media is a product that pushes the envelope. Unlock your creativity by printing unique designs on to car wraps, banners, outdoor or indoor advertisements, and more. 


Lumina® By FDC

Unleash the Potential

Our Promise To You


Lumina® provides an extensive amount of choices such as products, colors, sizes, materials, and more. We commit to expand our portfolio of unique products and solutions. We challenge end-users to achieve their highest potential, to become increasingly innovative and creative, and to make a difference in their world with our products.

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Lumina® By FDC products are available through distributors located throughout North America. Find the FDC Lumina distributor nearest you by using the Where To Buy feature.