3M 7725SE Series


FDC 7725SE is 3M™ 7725SE Scotchcal™ Electrocut™ Graphic Film. These are pressure-sensitivie films designed for permanent graphics. Use these films to create unique, special effect films. The transparent dusted crystal film and the five colors of frosted crystal film have transparent synthetic liners, which resist moisture absorption and static buildup for easier cutting and assembly, and are intended only for cut graphics. The fluorescent films, available in six colors, have a paper liner and can be screen printed or electronically cut. To order punched material, use part number 7775.

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Film TechnologyCast
Film Thickness2.0-3.25 mil
Media ColorVarious
Outdoor Durability1-3 years
Adhesive / ColorCheck 3M PDB
LinerTrans. Sythetic/K. Paper
ConformabilityFlat Surfaces

Computer CutYes
Steel RuleYes
Thermal DieYes
Flat BedYes
Shelf Life3 years

Thermal TransferN/A
Eco SolventN/A
UV InkjetN/A
Dye SublimationN/A

Wet ApplyYes
Minimum Application °F40° F
Interior / ExteriorInterior / Exterior

Part No.
Roll Size
  • 1515:15″x50Yds
  • 1503:15″x10Yds
  • 1815:18″x50Yds
  • 1803:18″x10Yds
  • 2415:24″x50Yds
  • 2403:24″x10Yds
  • 3015:29.5″x50Yds
  • 3003:29.5″x10Yds
  • 3103:30″x10Yds
  • 3115:31″x50Yds
  • 3615:36″x50Yds
  • 3603:36″x10Yds
  • 3903:39″x10Yds
  • 3915:39″x50Yds
  • 6003:60″x10Yds
  • 6015:60″x50Yds
  • 4803:48-1/2″X10Yds
  • 4815:49″X50Yds

Sizes shown indicate the full selection available. Some sizes may have restrictions or minimum requirements. Please contact FDC Customer Service for complete details.

  • 314 Dusted Crystal
  • 323 Frosted Rose
  • 324 Frosted Crystal
  • 325 Frosted Violet
  • 326 Frosted Mint
  • 327 Frosted Blue Mist
  • 331 Frosted Gold
  • 404 Fluorescent Orange
  • 405 Fluorescent Yellow
  • 406 Fluorescent Green
  • 407 Fluorescent Blue
  • 413 Fluorescent Fuchsia
  • 414 Fluorescent Red Orange (Gray Adhesive)

Colors shown indicate the full selection available. Some colors may have restrictions or minimum requirements. Please contact FDC Customer Service for complete details.

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