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FDC Introduces New Fluorescent Cast Vinyl Film, Lumina® by FDC 3521

Jul 11, 2023

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (July 11, 2023) — FDC Graphic Films, Inc. launched a new promotional-grade fluorescent cast vinyl film, Lumina® by FDC 3521, designed for producing automotive aftermarket windshield graphics and accent strips, retail window signage, trade show exhibits, point-of-purchase displays, die-cut letters and numbers, and screen-printed decals requiring short-term outdoor durability.

“Series 3521 is a great short-term outdoor film used in local race events with logos or numbers on vehicles and motorcycles, or car windows at car dealer lots, or those fun signs for your front yard that read, ‘Lordy, Lordy my relative is 40,’” said Michael Aldrich, FDC Product Manager. “Anything you want to bring attention to, this fluorescent film will help you do that!”

The 2.3 mil high gloss finish film is offered in six colors: 056 Red, 009 Orange, 006 Yellow, 069 Green, 005 Blue, and 007 Fuchsia. It’s coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive.

Series 3521 features a unique, neon colorant system for superior visual appeal and exceptional opacity, providing dynamic graphics accents. Interior use or limited exterior use is suggested as the fluorescent pigments used in this film will fade with UV exposure.

The fluorescent film is available in roll sizes of 1/4” to 48” widths and 5- to 50-yard lengths.


If You’re an FDC Distributor Email FDC’s Customer Care to request a sample. The sample will be delivered to you or drop-shipped directly to your customer at no charge.

If You’re NOT an FDC DistributorContact an FDC Sales Manager in your region to request help finding a local distributor. Once connected to one, they will place an order with FDC, and we can ship your sample directly to you.


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