FDC Recognizes Employees for Exemplifying Company’s Core Values

Jun 14, 2022 | FDC|News, News

Four ‘Ambassador’ Awards in First Quarter

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (June 14, 2022) — FDC Graphic Films, Inc. recognized four valuable employees as Core Values Ambassadors in the first quarter of 2022 for exemplifying one or more of the company’s five core values.

FDC’s Core Values are believed to be the five most important values in the way the company employees live and work: integrity, kindness, resiliency, engagement, and drive for success.

“Our team, our customers, and the world have faced difficult challenges this past year. These team members demonstrate their commitment to the Core Values through their actions, which makes me very proud,” said Judy Eck, CEO of FDC. “Thank you to all of the nominees. It is a pleasure to be surrounded by a team that is passionate about the FDC’s goals and exhibits compassion toward one another every day.”

Juan Cervantes, a shipping associate, was recognized for his engagement and drive for success. A customer order was entered with an incorrect shipping code and Cervantes recognized it and corrected it immediately, ensuring that the order was shipped correctly.

Josh Geldner, a shipping team lead, was recognized for his kindness and drive for success. Geldner requested to stay at work late one day to help a coworker who had been working alone in his department for two weeks. He also regularly shares information, ideas, and discussion topics as part of the company’s Work-Life Team.

Maria “Patti” Guillen, a production associate, was recognized for her resiliency. Guillen helped the Craft team when their team leader was away from the warehouse for an extended period. She worked with the team to set priorities and get customer orders out on time and without errors. Guillen placed the customers first and never complained about the additional tasks. This is her second award, the first in 2020 for her integrity and drive for success.

Justin Mohr, a production associate, was recognized for his drive for success. Mohr primarily works in shipping and receiving but also works in production as needed. In shipping and receiving, he’s often on the lookout as to what can be completed early. And in production, Mohr’s roll-down average was 1,134 feet per hour, which is considered top-notch.

Each employee received an FDC Core Values Ambassador Award certificate from the FDC Work-Life Team signed by Eck.


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FDC Recognizes Employees for Exemplifying Company’s Core Values

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