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FDC Recognizes Employees for Exemplifying Company’s Core Values

Aug 11, 2020

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Six ‘Ambassador’ Awards in Second Quarter

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (August 11, 2020) — FDC Graphic Films, Inc. recognized six valuable employees as a “Core Values Ambassador” in the second quarter of 2020 for exemplifying one or more of the company’s five core values.

FDC’s Core Values are believed to be the five most important values in the way the company employees live and work: integrity, kindness, resiliency, engagement, and drive for success.

“It is gratifying to see how this team cares. Often, taking a minute to help or encourage our work family members gets lost in our busy go-go environment,” said Chris Stoler, FDC president. “At FDC, our team goes that extra mile, in so many little ways. We believe this is what makes FDC a great place. I want to thank all of our nominees for their heart, and how they live out FDC’s Core Values.”

Connie Kwiatkowski, an accounts receiving specialist, was recognized for her drive for success. Ms. Kwiatkowski has been instrumental in assisting other members of the Accounting team that are working from home while she remains in the office. She took care of tasks that can’t be handled remotely and helped team members avoid trips to the office during the COVID-19 pandemic. She can also answer almost any FDC question for multiple departments. Her hard work and extensive knowledgebase show that Ms. Kwiatkowski is a team player.

Alex Ponce, a production associate, was recognized for his engagement. Mr. Ponce has carried a large portion of the Reno, Nevada production work by himself every day. When he catches up, he asks what he should do next rather than just moving on to the next easiest task. One day, he did all of the roll-down production by himself at an average of 1,525.71 linear feet per hour. He also completed slits and material handling that same day! Mr. Ponce shows that he cares about his work daily.

Kelli Schlottmann, a Northwest/Canada West sales manager, was recognized for her kindness. Ms. Schlottmann purchased raffle tickets for everyone on the sales team from the popular online fundraiser to help raise money to provide food for those in need called the ALL IN Challenge. Each ticket was for a chance to win a fan experience in sports, music, or entertainment that she thought they’d be interested in. Ms. Schlottmann personalized each one to show that she was thinking of each of the sales managers and how she cares about the team.

The Shipping Team was recognized for their resilience and drive for success. Team members include Tiante Day, a samples and shipping clerk; Clinton Kominowski, a shipping team lead; and William Santa, a shipping associate. This small team did their absolute best despite the company being short-staffed in shipping one day due to employees being out on vacation and other reasons. Ms. Day, Mr. Kominowski, and Mr. Santa stuck together and pushed through the day showing how much they care about customers receiving their orders on-time, complete, and error-free.

Each employee received an FDC Core Values Ambassador award certificate signed by Mr. Stoler.

The FDC Work-Life team received a total of 12 nominations for this second round of the 2020 Core Values Ambassador awards.


Founded in 1988, FDC is one of the sign-making industry’s leading converter and suppliers of sign vinyl films, digital media, overlaminates, banners, and heat transfer films with warehouses and converting facilities in both South Bend, Indiana and Reno, Nevada. The company markets, converts and distributes leading brands such as Lumina®, 3M, RTape, and ASLAN exclusively through distribution channels. FDC’s 120 employees serve more than 1,000 customers in all 50 states and Canada.


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