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FDC Announces Promotion of Tammie Nelson to CFO

Apr 9, 2019

FDC Graphic Films, Inc. Announces Promotion to CFO

FDC Graphic Films, Inc. (FDC) is pleased to share that Tammie Nelson has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer for FDC. Tammie joined FDC as a “Controller” in October of 2016, a role that charged her with the management and oversight of FDC’s accounting systems and the accounting and administration team. Nelson has effectively improved the efficiency of FDC’s financial reporting and analysis while simultaneously widening the breadth and scope of data provision to FDC’s shareholders and management team.  

In addition to her management and oversight of these key responsibilities, she has become more directly involved in the development of forward-looking plans and the strategies that will lead FDC to the long-term growth goals. “We are very pleased with the impact Tammie Nelson has had on both the efficiency of our financial systems as well as her contribution to our growth plans,” said Chris Stoler, President of FDC Graphic Films, Inc. “Tammie’s talents are not limited to financial discipline and she regularly engages in many facets of our organization. She is a key member of our senior management team.”

Nelson received her Bachelors of Science in Accounting from Pennsylvania State University and has earned her credentials as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). 


About FDC Graphic Films, Inc.

FDC has warehouse and converting facilities in South Bend, Indiana and in Reno, Nevada. The Company is in its thirtieth year of operation as a master distributor and converter of wide-format digital media, digital over laminating films, digital banner, sign, and heat transfer films. The company markets, converts and distributes leading brands such as Lumina, 3M, RTape, and ASLAN exclusively through distribution.


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