HEYtex Textiles

Textiles are becoming more and more prevalent in the sign and graphics industry, and the potential for their use is almost limitless. From promotional flags to Silicone Edge Graphics, textiles help businesses grab clients' attention. We carry a selection of HEYtex textiles that are used for these applications. We have broken our line into five basic basic categories to help you quickly select the fabrics that you need. 
The chart below shows our current non-PVC coated textile line. 
Type Brand Part Series Description Series No.  Latex  Solvent  Eco Sol  UV  Dye Sub 
Heyblue 7303 Digitex Decoflex Latex general purpose, SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) 7711

Frontlit Heyblue 7313 Digitex Flexible Solvent/Eco Solvent general purpose, SEG material 7718
Backlit Heyblue - Backlit 7806 Digitex Heylux Excellent for SEG systems - only 5 meter seamless in market 7715
Canvas  Heyblue  7835  Digitex Superior  Highest quality, canvas like material (no cotton blend)  7716   • •  •  •   
Canvas  Heyblue  7602  Digitex Standard  Lighter weight canvas like material (no cotton blend)  7713   •  •  •   
 Blockout  Heyblue  7880  Digitex Opaque  Doubleside printable, excellent for SEG systems  7717  •  •  •  •   
Blockout Heyblue  7380  Digitex Decoflex Opaque  Synthetic black, rubber feel   7712 
    •  • 
 Blockout  Heyblue  7805  Digitex Eclipse  Black back  7714  •      •   
Our PVC Coated Textiles are: 
Type Brand Part Series Description Series No.  Latex  Solvent  Eco Sol  UV  Dye Sub 
Frontlit HEYtex 6022 Frontlit Light Eco B1 Smooth, strong white point, true 15 ounce, high quality PVC coated textile  7701   • •  •  •   
Frontlit HEYtex 6803 Soft Plus Flock finish, soft, textured feel, PVC coated for vibrant colors  7702  •  •  •  •   
Frontlit  HEYtex  6803-B950  Soft Blueback  Lower opacity, blueback creates excellent white point  7703   • •  •  •   
Blockout  HEYtex  3512  Blockout Banner Industry standard material. Unique trade show, industry standard  7700 •  •  •