Blockout Textiles

Blockout textiles are great for indoor graphics, tradeshows and Silicone Edge Graphics. FDC's line of three blockout textiles includes one designed for tradeshows, a double-sided fabric and a completely opaque fabric with a synthetic black and rubber feel. They are PVC free and flame retardant. 
Type Brand Part Series Description  Series No.  Latex  Solvent  Eco Sol  UV  Dye Sub 
Blockout Heyblue 7880 Digitex Opaque Double side printable, excellent for SEG systems  7717 •  •  •  •   
Blockout Heyblue 7380 Digitex Decoflex Opaque Synthetic black, rubber feel  7712 •      •   •
Blockout  Heyblue  7805 Digitex Eclipse  Black back  7714 •  •