FDC 4828 Series Discontinued

RTape discontinued its VinylEfx®: Carbon Fibre™, Outdoor Durable film. Once FDC’s remaining stock of 4828 Series is depleted, distributors will no longer be able to order the film. Currently, inventory is only available in the 15 inch width. Users looking to achieve a carbon fiber effect in an indoor application can still purchase FDC 2828 Series, which is RTape’s VinylEfx®: Carbon Fibre™, Decorative Series. 

There are no other changes to FDC’s offering of VinylEfx® Outdoor Durable films. VinylEfx Outdoor Durable Series, which provides up to three years of outdoor life, is comprised of a variety of cost-effective simulated metal, light-diffracting and 3D patterns, designed for outdoor signage.