FDC 7335 Series features a removable adhesive that allows it to be applied to painted drywall for interior graphics. Users will notice a lower initial tack when applying the fabric to interior walls. The lower tack is caused by the wall’s uneven surface preventing the adhesive to fully contact the substrate. We recommend following these instructions to increase the initial bond between the wall and film.

  • Thoroughly clean the wall using a 1-to-1 mix of water and 90 percent or higher isopropyl alcohol
    Wipe the surface dry and ensure that it is dry before application
  • Apply the graphic using normal squeegee pressure
  • When applying large designs, graphics without overlapping panels is preferred. If overlapping panels, overlap panels more than a quarter inch but no more than one inch
  • Burnish the graphic using a 2 or 3 inch rubber roller being careful not to damage the print. Using heat during this step will allow the adhesive to wet out and may promote better adhesion.

The fabric’s adhesive allows for the product to be removed from normal wall surfaces including those with flat, semi-gloss and gloss paint finishes. Decals may also be applied to sealed wall coverings. The surface must be smooth and cleaned prior to application the film is removable up to six months under normal interior exposure conditions and applications. During removal, slowly pull the fabric at a 180 degree angle.